North America based AAS reaching out to Asia

Association for Asian Studies, based in North America,acts as a hub for English-speaking Asianist scholars for years. AAS is now reaching out to Asia with three small jointly-organized thematic conferences in Asia over the next few years. That move can be interpreted as an acknowledgment of the increasing presence of Asian scholars based in the region in the field of Asian Studies.

AAS recently announced that the inaugural conference Asia in Motion: Heritage and Transformation will be held in July, 2014 at the National University of Singapore, with successive conferences tentatively planned for Taiwan and Kyoto in 2015 and 2016 respectively.

AAS states that these conferences WILL NOT replace the AAS annual conference held each spring in North America, and differ significantly in size and structure. Many details of the Singapore conference are not yet finalized, but the call-for-proposals will probably be available in mid-August.

You can find further information about the AAS-in-Asia initiative at


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