7th APISA Congress

METU Department of International Relations & Asian Studies Program will host 7th Asian Political and International Studies Association (APISA) Annual Congress for 2013. Details about the Congress can be found here



Citizen Engagement and Collective Action Within and Across Asian Societies

25-26 October, 2013

Middle East Technical University  – Ankara, Turkey


Prasenjit Duara
National University of Singapore, chair of the Asian Research Institute, “Asia Redux: Conceptualizing a Region for Our Times”, “Rescuing the History from the Nation”

Amitav Acharya
American University, former president of ISA, “Whose Ideas Matter?: Agency and Power in Asian Regionalism”, “Non-Western International Relations Theory”

Mark Beeson
University of Western Australia, “Regionalism, Globalization and East Asia: Politics, Security and Economic Development”, “Contemporary Southeast Asia: Regional Dynamics, National Differences”

Mark Selden
Cornell University, editor of Asia-Pacific Journal, “China, East Asia and the Global Economy: Regional and Historical Perspectives”

Cemil Aydin
University of North Carolina, “The Politics of Anti-Westernism in Asia: Visions of World Order in Pan-Islamic and Pan-Asian Thought”

Wang Hui
Tsinghua University,editor of Dushu, named as among top 100 public intellectuals by Foreign Policy in 2008, “The Rise of Modern Chinese Thought”


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